LIFE AGRESTIC project: first monitoring visit

After 5 years from Life Agrestic Project kick off, the first meeting to control the technical steps of the Project took place. At the presence of the monitor Chiara Spotorno, of the Neemo external monitoring group, action by action progress were highlighted. Two the main topics of the meeting: technical and accounting / financial aspects.

During the first part, the participants presented the technical aspects of the Project and discussed on them. They also described the progress of the ongoing actions. The actions taken into consideration were:

  • Efficient crop system project relevant to Carbon and Nitrogen (ECS);
  • Stakeholder Platform foundation;
  • DSS development to reduce GHG while cultivating;
  • Crop systems preparation on the demonstration sites;
  • Enhancement of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through product label and payment system for ecosystem services;
  • Impact of the Project actions monitoring;
  • Presentation and spreading of the results.

During the second part of the meeting financial and accounting aspects of the Project were taken into consideration. The monitor verified the cost-reporting and the expences already done for the Project.


LIFE AGRESTIC project: first monitoring visit
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